Weekly Sunday  Bulletins
Why Use Us?
  • The best in printing technology. We use the same type of printing plates as the New York Times.
  • Full and FREE access to JSP’s Subscriber Resource Center Clip Art Library: 5000+ images in black and white and color (including high quality photographic images), plus formational text content in English and Spanish.
  • You can use almost any type of design technology to create your bulletin: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Quark, Publisher, and more!
  • The best in customer service and support, including a toll-free hotline monitored hourly (including Fridays and Saturdays), a local Parish consultant assigned to your area, FREE workshops, webinars, and training sessions, and a full-time, year-round local advertising team.
  • If eligible, your parish will receive a generous ad revenue-sharing benefit each year.
Bulletins Covers
Are you a smaller parish or do you wish to print your bulletins yourself? You can still provide attractive, colorful bulletins to members of your community each and every week, and print on your own schedule. J.S. Paluch Bulletin Covers, provide attractive artwork on the front, blank inside pages that are ready for you to customize and print, and your choice of a pre-printed back page featuring a scripture article or a blank back page on which to print more of your own content. Bulletin covers are shipped to you in advance, two weeks at a time. You can choose from a pre-designed two-color thematic cover (which changes each week) or a customized front cover featuring your church picture and/or information.

Other Services
J.S. Paluch also wants to be your full-service parish printer. We offer competitive pricing on parish directories, annual reports, booklets, tri-fold brochures, stationery/letterhead, and more.

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