Why advertise in J.S. Paluch bulletins?

Well-Established Company:

A family-owned business, J.S. Paluch has faithfully served the Catholic Church in the United States for over 100 years. The J.S. Paluch Senior Management Team is dedicated to providing great products and maintaining great customer relationships.

Great Coverage:

97% of all households attending church take at least one church bulletin home every Sunday and 74% of all members of the household read the entire church bulletin.

Great Value:

70% of all households are aware of and look at the advertising in the church bulletin and 68% of households surveyed when making a choice between businesses are inclined to choose the one who advertised in the church bulletin.

Great Loyalty:

41% of households do business with a company specifically because they are advertising in the church bulletin.

Great Product:

62% of households keep the church bulletin the entire week as reference.
(Data provided by a University of Missouri survey)

Advertising in a J.S. Paluch bulletin consistently keeps your message and your business in front of buyers of your goods and services. Churchgoers see bulletin advertisers as supporters of their community and place great trust in them.

For more information regarding your local parish and how to start your advertising campaign in the bulletin please contact the office in your region and ask to speak to the Territory Account Manager, or click here to get your ad started.

Get Your Ad Started

What We Can Offer You and Your Business:

•  Many ad size options to meet your budget, in color or black and white.

•  Advertising in one or multiple church bulletins — you pick the areas you want to cover.

•  One-on-one customer service to help build and design your ad.

•  Free copy changes through our automated website.

•  Fully staffed graphics department.

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