A People of Prayer, Hope, and Action

As events continue to unfold during this global pandemic, let us remember first of all that we are God’s people and hold each other in prayer. Our hope is in the Lord, on whom we call in good times and bad, and in whose name we minister to the people in our parishes and to one another. Because of this hope, we can continue to act for the benefit of all, keeping in touch with our parishioners and continuing to meet their needs as best we can. As partners with you during these challenging days, we at the J.S. Paluch Company have posted and e-mailed a number of suggestions to help you and your parish. This page gathers those ideas and others into one handy reference for your convenience.


During this time of the pandemic, things are changing rapidly, and we are working hard to keep abreast of the latest developments so that we can continue to serve you. Please check in on this section regularly to see the latest information we have for you.

April 23rd update for our valued advertisers

April 8th update for our valued bulletin customers

Your Sunday Bulletin — A Vital Lifeline to Your Parish

Here at the J. S. Paluch Company, we understand how important it is for you to keep in touch with your parishioners even when you can’t see them on Sunday. Perhaps you have had to make the wrenching decision to cancel all your Masses. Your parish bulletin is still the primary way you have to keep in touch with your parish members. You can still have printed bulletins at the doors of the church for people to pick up when they visit. And you can arrange for every household to receive a bulletin in their email box right at home.

  • If you cannot send copy in to us, we will send you an electronic pre-designed bulletin that you can post to your parish web site or other social media.
  • If you are able to send copy in to us, let us know how many copies you want and we will accommodate your request. Simply note the quantity you want us to send you on the weekly information page with your bulletin transmission.
  • You can reduce the number of bulletins that you receive.
  • You can send in fewer pages than specified in your contract.
Let us know what you need. Get in touch with us and we’ll work together to get it done.

Send Out Your Bulletin Digitally

Submit your parish email list to us and we will send your parish bulletin to your parishioners each weekend at no cost to you. We are offering a $50.00 Visa gift card to any parish that enrolls and has more than 100 names in their email list. Please contact Yury Gimburg at or call 847-233-2817 to get set up. Please make sure to include your bulletin number. The email list should be in an Excel file, or in a CSV or Text file separated by TAB format with the following fields: First Name (optional) Last Name (optional) Email Address (required)

If you do not have an email list, you can also direct your parishioners to sign up at eBulletin or J.S. Paluch Subscribe Page.

Your parishioners will appreciate seeing the familiar format of your Sunday bulletin on your parish web site. Access a complete PDF of your bulletin or create a link to it for your parish’s web site using e-churchbulletins. Click here for more information about how to do this. Note that this address is not for your parishioners to use, as it requires the parish’s bulletin ID number. Parishioners should instead be directed to the site listed in the previous paragraph if they want direct online access to the parish bulletin.

Parish Bulletin Editors Can Work From Home

As more and more people are encouraged to stay away from public places and even from work, we know that some parish bulletin editors will be unable to go to their parish offices. In response to this need, we have enabled bulletin editors to access their parish computer from home. Please click here for instructions. If you need additional assistance, please contact J. S. Paluch tech support at or 847-233-2868, and a trainer will get back to you as soon as possible.

Make the Subscriber Resource Center Work for You

Now more than ever you can go to the J.S. Paluch Subscriber Resource Center and get what you need for your bulletin and other parish communications. We are expanding our Sunday selections and you can go to the Current Concerns page for prayers, covers, images, and other items related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn New Ways to Stay in Touch

We have created a special packet with helpful ideas and suggestions for new ways to keep in contact with all of your parishioners. Download he Digital Parish Start Plan that we have created for you at this link: Oneparish.

Make it Easy for Your Parish Members to Continue Contributing

Online giving is more vital than ever without the weekly in-person contributions at Mass. With OneParish Online Giving, your parishioners can start giving today.
We have two options for you:

  • Your parishioners can give immediately using our online portal at Oneparish or via the OneParish app. Signing up takes 3 minutes and they can give today. We will forward the donations via check and a report every 2–3 weeks.
  • If you would like to receive online donations via direct deposit or need a more customized set of giving categories, your parish can sign up quickly as well. The setup process takes about 30 minutes. Contact Devan Lesky, or 574-347-8116 to get started.

Thank Your Advertisers and Send Business Their Way

Pastors might consider writing to thank the advertisers for sponsoring your bulletins. Tell them how much the advertisers are appreciated for their support of this important channel of communication and how they are needed now more than ever. Pastors and parish staffs can encourage parishioners to pick up a bulletin, look on the back, and support their advertisers with their patronage, which they surely need in these difficult times.

Just like many of you, we at J.S. Paluch are transitioning to remote teams and reduced onsite staff. We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times. Our ongoing plan has been to print and ship bulletins to you and also make them easily available online. As the COVID-19 situation seems to be a moving target, this plan could change at any given moment in any area of the country. We are evaluating the effects of the latest government directives and monitoring FedEx delivery limitations, and will continue to keep in touch with you.

Let us all remember to support and encourage one another and keep each other in prayer. God’s peace and good health be with you!

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