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Your ad will be seen by Catholic consumers for 4 weeks exactly where you do business!

On-demand Statistics

See when your ad has been viewed and clicked on. Know exactly how effectively your ad campaign is performing, and make changes if necessary.

Geo-Targeted Technology

Advertise exactly where you do business – by city, state, or nationally.

High Visibility

Your ad is the first thing subscribers see when they read their bulletins in the online church bulletin viewer, any time of the day or night

Customize Your Ad

You create the text and add the image that you want online customers to see.

Clickable Ads

Embedded links drive traffic to your web site or social media page. Customers can learn more about you and your business right on the spot.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Your ad stands out on desktop, laptop, phone, on any size device, in any format.

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Expand your readership with multi-subscriber discounts.

You can advertise on all bulletin email blast pages in your service area by state, city, or we can tailor an ad package specific to your business.
Subscribers Price
0 to 400 $400
401 to 1000 $700
1001 to 2500 $1,250
2501 to 4000 $2,000
4001 to 6000 $3,000
6001 to 12000 $4,500
Over 12000 $6,000
National $15,000
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Our Customers Speak

Advertising in the church bulletin is beneficial because it is widely read and respected. I would highly recommend advertising with J.S. Paluch because of their friendly, prompt, and professional service. 
—Yogi, M.D.
When people take the bulletin…they have our picture and logo! Helping your church, helping your business grow, getting your name into members right here in our community! 
—TSM Insurance & Financial
I advertise in J.S. Paluch church bulletins because I believe the church advertising is an effective way to find honest, reliable and kind business people.
—Social Mavens