J.S. Paluch Company Inc.
Over one hundred years of service since 1913

A Bit of History

The J.S. Paluch Company began in 1913 as Merchants Press on Ashland Avenue on Chicago’s north side. Founder John S. Paluch initially printed church forms, baptismal and marriage certificates, parish newsletters, and assorted fund-raising materials for local Catholic parishes. As the business progressed, he soon added devotional items and increased the company’s religious selections. His repertoire continued expanding, but John didn't know just how far his little company would grow!

Following the Great Depression, John's children worked at Merchants Press, keeping the company thriving. The company name was changed from Merchants Press to J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. in honor of its founder, John Stanislaus. After John's passing in 1955, JSP continued to grow and moved to larger facilities on Winnemac Avenue. As business reached outside the Chicago area, Chester began to open regional offices beginning with East Brunswick, New Jersey. Currently J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. has printing plants in Franklin Park, Illinois, Santa Fe Springs, California, and Coral Springs, Florida, with regional offices across the country and Puerto Rico. Since 2004, the home office has been located in Franklin Park, Illinois.

After Chester’s death in 1980, his wife Margaret A. Paluch assumed a more active role in the company. Under her direction, publications expanded significantly. Margaret held a deep commitment to creating awareness of and developing financial support for vocations. She establish the National Vocations Awareness Division (NVAD) in 1985. In 1988 NVAD fully funded the J.S. Paluch Co., Inc., Vocations Seminar inviting leaders from national Catholic organizations devoted to vocations which continues today. The Paluch Family Foundation was established in 1995 to support local seminaries as well as small, local organizations focused in the areas of vocations, stewardship, and liturgy.

In 1994, Margaret was joined by her daughter Mary Lou Rafferty who became the third-generation owner of J.S. Paluch along with her husband William J. Rafferty, our company President. Under their leadership, JSP continues to meet the Catholic community’s changing pastoral needs in an ever-changing economy. The Raffertys have worked hard to stay current with the Church’s needs and to provide the newest technology such as online tools and support for customers.

J.S. Paluch remains a family-owned business. In more than one hundred years of service to the Church, our company has grown from a devotional booklet printer into a major Catholic publisher of bulletins, calendars, liturgical and inspirational music and art, pastoral support products, and worship resources. Our continued service to the Church is more than what we do—it is who we are.

The Enhancement of Worship:
Liturgy and Music Resources

During the 1960s following Vatican Council II's significant changes, Chester Paluch introduced the weekly Missalette®, guided by numerous clergy, religious, and lay liturgists in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Missalette®  in hand, parishioners began actively sharing meaningful prayer dialogue, in English, with the celebrant and each other.

As the role of music grew in the worshiping community, Chester sought ways to add music to JSP’s publications. In 1971 he purchased World Library of Sacred Music in Cincinnati. Today, this company is World Library Publications, the music and liturgy division of J.S. Paluch Company, Inc. WLP offers comprehensive liturgy and music resources and pastoral support services for priests, liturgists, music directors and parish musicians, RCIA catechists and catechumens, youth and young adult ministers, and other parish ministers.

Today Seasonal Missalette®,  We Celebrate®¡Celebremos!/Let Us Celebrate!®,  and Word & Song  have become important components in parish liturgical celebrations all over the country. Rejoice  Music Edition and Missal, Misal Parroquial,  and the hardbound hymnal One In Faith  are the latest additions to J.S. Paluch’s offerings through WLP in this area.

Church musicians find inspiration in WLP’s vast collection of music resources, including printed and recorded music for choirs, cantors, and instrumentalists. The Voices As One songbooks, music resources, and recordings provide support and materials for contemporary musicians as well.

WLP’s offerings have expanded to include materials for scripture study, personal growth, and support for ministries of the Church. These include Liturgy of the Word  and Living the Word, and books in the Fountain of Life  series for RCIA, the Pray Today series for various Church ministries, and the Worship Works series.

Bulletin Services

The J.S. Paluch Company provides an extensive variety of bulletins in numerous formats and sizes. We have expanded from a local supplier of Sunday bulletins in the Chicago area to a nationwide publisher. Offices in Illinois, California, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Missouri, and Puerto Rico supply custom - printed weekly bulletins to thousands of parishes around the country. Ads for the bulletins are sold by a national sales force of nearly two hundred people.

The Paluch Company continues to be the leader and innovator in today’s industry. In 1992 we introduced Laser - Com Express, a state - of - the - art bulletin service; ours was the first company to provide typeset bulletins, telecommunicated copy, and laser printing to their customers. Bulletin users also receive an extensive collection of artwork, graphics, and headings for their bulletin layout.

Calendars and Vocation Awareness

The J.S. Paluch Company is committed to vocation awareness. In 1983 the company published its first Catholic Family Appointment Calendar with a vocation theme for distribution at the parish level. Our calendar division has grown into one of the largest providers of Catholic calendars in the country. The sale of all our Catholic calendars helps support vocations.

In 1985 the company established the National Vocations Awareness Division (NVAD). Since 1988 we have hosted and underwritten an annual national vocations seminar that provides an ongoing forum for continued collaboration among leaders in vocation ministry and related church organizations from across the U.S. and Canada.

Mary Lou Paluch Rafferty serves on the Mundelein Seminary Advisory Board and on the Board of Directors of the Sanctuary of Culture Foundation. William Rafferty is Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Sanctuary of Culture Foundation. The company supports many local and national vocation-related projects and programs through sponsorships and in conjunction with the Paluch Family Foundation. The Paluch Family Foundation recognizes and supports Catholic ministries in the areas of vocations, stewardship, and liturgy.


Service is our goal. The publishing decisions that we make, our internal procedures, the policies that we set, and the relationships that we cultivate all work together to improve the service that we provide to our customers. As we continue pursuing our mission to serve the Church, we dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with the best possible service.

Together we will work to enrich the liturgical experience and faith life of believers throughout the country, simplify the administration of parishes, and enhance parish communications with their members.

Please share any comments, questions, and suggestions with us at any time. We appreciate your input, your interest, and your patronage.

Our Customers Speak

My ad was placed in the St. Therese Bulletin at the recommendation of another longtime advertiser. I now have a regular flow of clients call from the ad.
—Ann Vano Law Firm
I never would have believed I could make so much money advertising on the back of a church bulletin. And it cost next to nothing! This works so well, I’ve dropped all other advertising.
—Bob’s Handyman Service
In today’s crowded advertising market, it’s critical to and affordable yet effective avenues that deliver our message directly to those who will act on it. At Piatto we feel this is exactly what is happening with our J.S. Paluch bulletin ads.
—Piatto Ristorante Italiano