• Church Bulletin Printing
    The best in printing technology, print quality, service, and support.

    Church Bulletin Printing
    J.S. Paluch bulletin customers are guaranteed a generous bulletin benefit package each year: free bulletins, software, training, and resources, including access to more than 5000 clip art images, formational text content, and special weekly images.
  • Church Bulletin Advertising
    An incredibly affordable and effective way to reach local and loyal customers.

    Church Bulletin Advertising
    Advertising in a J.S. Paluch bulletin consistently keeps your message and your business in front of buyers of your goods and services. Churchgoers see bulletin advertisers as supporters of their community and place great trust in them.
  • Inspirational Calendars
    Four beautiful thematic styles each year: Scenic, Religious Art, Stewardship, Vocation.

    Inspirational Calendars
    J.S. Paluch calendars feature beautiful imagery, a useful appointment grid, and optional church/liturgical information and prayers. All have space for personalizing for your church, school, or organization, plus sponsor or advertiser information.
  • Music & Liturgy Resources
    Helpful resources for the singing, praying, and initiating Church.

    Music and Liturgy Resources
    World Library Publications, the music and liturgy division of the J.S. Paluch Company, publishes missals, hymnals, choral octavos, Mass settings, songbooks, and instrument scores, as well as books and recordings for prayer, formation, and spiritual nourishment.
  • Vocation Support
    Supporting vocations awareness through publications, services, and events.

    Vocation Support
    J.S. Paluch’s National Vocations Awareness Division (NVAD) promotes vocations awareness through an fully-funded annual seminar for leaders in diocesan and religious vocation ministry, collaboration with vocation directors, vocation prayers in calendar and periodical publications, and media support.

Communicate effectively with your parishioners and receive a generous bulletin benefit each year.
J.S. Paluch Weekly Sunday Bulletins
The best in printing technology, service and support.

Inspirational Calendars
A gift for your parishioners that helps support vocations.

Other Services
Parish Directories, Annual Reports, and other printing services.

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The J.S. Paluch Company Inc. is dedicated to serving Catholic parishes and organizations as well as local and national church bulletin advertisers throughout the United States. Founded by John S. Paluch in 1913, J.S. Paluch Company remains a family-owned business. Second generation Chester Paluch died in 1980 after developing the company over a period of 35 years following World War II. His wife Margaret served as chair of the board from 1980 to 2009. Margaret’s daughter Mary L. Rafferty, a third generation of the Paluch family, owns the company, and William J. Rafferty is President.

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